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Classes Taken At The Real Estate Business School Since 1999

“I thank Wayne & Lynn Morgan for being great friends and supporters of the projects.”
– Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”

Why Real Estate?

Because it is the BEST business in the world!

  • Easy to enter: compared to other professions which require years of training and internship.
  • Faster to enter: with our online courses, coursework can be finished in less than a week in most cases.
  • Low cost: no student loan debt, no lease space, equipment or start-up costs.
  • Control your time: work, vacation, play whenever YOU want to.
  • Be your own boss: answer to no one: do what you want when you want.
  • Make as much as you want: never again be told by someone else what you are worth.
  • Create your own retirement account and increase your wealth by buying and owning property.
  • Get paid for helping others – make their home ownership dreams come true!
  • ANYONE can do it! Unlike most professions, becoming highly successful in real estate requires no special talent or skill. If you are committed and coachable, you can do it.

So what are you waiting for?

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Why Choose The Real Estate Business School?


You were born a genius & meant to be an incredible success. Our mission is to provide the education that guides the committed and coachable up the path to success. Anything is achievable with the right education.

Get Your License. Learn To Use It.
Success is a function of education. Better education equals greater success. Knowing what to learn is the key. Three types of education are required.

  • Technical education required for licensure
  • Business education clients expect
  • Financial education for retirement

The Real Estate Business School provides all three levels of education

Becoming successful in real estate isn’t magic. It’s simple. Experience is THE best teacher. Watch the unpaid, unsolicited videos at the bottom of our home page and ask yourself; would the most successful owners and brokers in real estate recommend The Real Estate Business School if they wernt the best?

Still not sure? Give us a call 512-453-0900 or use our chat feature in the bottom right!

Our Courses

Through our variety of courses, delivery methods, and experienced staff, we are able to offer each and every student a comprehensive real estate education.